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  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Biolink Page
  • unlimited Shortened Links
  • Unlimited Social Media Pixel
  • All Bio Link Page blocks (including: Apple Music, Spotify, Paypal, Tiktok, Tidal Soundcloud etc. )
  • 7 free & Unlimited Custom Domain
  • Paypal Donate Button
  • Deep linking
  • Custom colors & Google Fonts
  • Sensitive content warning
  • Password protected pages
  • Leap link
  • Verified Checkmark
  • Custom SEO & UTM Settings
  • and many more!

What are the benefits of using Linkpear?

Create unique biolink pages and connect all your links and social media profiles at one page with detailed visitor analysis.

Multiple Links

Connect all your links and social media profiles within one page.

Social Links

You can display all your social media pages on one website.

Biolink pages

Create your unique biolink page, a ton of awesome features.

Short URLs

You can create shortened links to your product, website or services.

What is

Linkpear Is An All-In-One App For Your Biolink Page!

Offer more ways to connect with your followers, whether you use Instagram, Tiktok or other social media sites, but you can also set up separate links for each.

What the h*ll is?

Check out these cool Linkpear features!

Connect all your links and social media profiles at one page with our service.

The one link in bio rule on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter limits you as a marketer from adding more than one link in bio or adding individual posts links. You must manually swap the bio link every time you want to promote a new blog post, campaign, or product. It's one of the reasons most creators and marketers ask followers to “check out the link in bio.”
This is why Linkpear is so cool. You can manage all your links on one page at Linkpear!
Create your very unique Linkpear link or even use your own domain with these great Linkpear features: Customs Domains, Unlimited Bio Link pages with detailed statistics, QR-code of your biolink pages for offline marketing, Leap-link, Google Fonts, Link Scheduling, Verified checkmark, UTM settings, Custom backgrounds, Custom Branding, Custom colors, Social Links, password protected biolink pages, possibility to set sensitive content etc.
Yes, we offer a free plan with limited options compared to the Business version
You can be used on almost any social media platform where you can only enter one link in your bio.

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